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Add Tests

This online form lets you quickly add tests to your existing EASy Scoring software. If you have not already set up this feature, please contact your EASy Representative at 888.332.0648 or 407.865.6644.

Steps for adding tests
To add tests, please follow the steps below. (You will need to keep this Web page active while you are accessing the EASy Scoring software.)
  1. Launch the EASy Scoring program. Click the telephone icon or select Add Tests from the Setup menu.

  2. Note the CID number, LID number, and Access Code. Keep the EASy Scoring screen active; the Update Code you will be provided will ONLY work with this Access Code and screen.

    Arrange the windows on your computer so that you can see the EASy Scoring screen and this Web page side by side. This will help you to enter the codes correctly. Also, you can use keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste the codes between screens.

  3. Enter the appropriate information in the form below and click Submit.

  4. After you click Submit, you will receive an Update Code. Enter the Update Code into the appropriate field on your EASy Scoring screen. Make sure the code is entered correctly and press OK. Your EASy Scoring software will automatically add the number of tests you have requested.




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Number of Tests to Add