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Client Testimonials

“Call Center Simulation is easy to use and saves us time. The service we have received from ETC has been outstanding.”
Training and Retention Manager
Troy, Michigan

“QuickScreen has helped us greatly! We reduced training time from 6 weeks to 2 weeks.”
HR Manager
Markham, Ontario

“We love SkilTrak! – especially the e-mail testing portion. Since we started using SkilTrak, the candidates we hire are much more computer literate and communicate better with our customers.”
HR Manager
East Texas, Pennsylvania

“The web-based testing for Teller Vision is wonderful. It is so easy to use.”
Employee Development Specialist
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

“With EASyView, we can hear for ourselves who has the skills to really connect with our customers, to effectively respond to technical questions, and to help us deliver the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.”
Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition
Chicago, Illinois

“It’s a great partnership and I believe ETC is a true partner in every sense of the word.”
Vice President, Assessment Consultant
Tampa, Florida

“Love that it's [Call Center Simulation] so easy and user friendly.”
Call Center Manager
Williston, Vermont

“The Teller Simulation has been a wonderful tool in helping us to select better candidates for our branches. We are very happy with how the simulation relates to real bank experiences and tests the candidates in more than one area.”
Fort Worth, Texas

“The SEI [Structured Employment Interview] process has helped our management team make better hiring decisions. This has been a great investment.”
Davenport, Iowa

“This [EASyView QuickScreen] is one of the best tools we could have purchased. It has made our job easier when it comes to selecting candidates for interviews and has saved us from wasting time upfront, because by listening to candidate responses, we know which ones have ‘phone presence’ and which do not.”
Human Resources Training
Blythewood, South Carolina

“Teller Vision in coordination with the SEI [Structured Employment Interview] has been a vital tool in reducing our CSR turnover.”
Senior HR Administrator
Tecumseh, Michigan

“SkilTrak is working very well and we’re convinced that it’s helping us make better choices in our recruitment process.”
Manager, HR
Franklin, Tennessee

“I have already recommended Teller Vision to three other credit unions.”
Director of HR
Yuma, Arizona

“We were looking for a better way to simply measure the applicants’ skills. Our new selection system is more than we thought we would find.”
Director of Human Resources
Spokane, Washington

“Users are very, very pleased with the way Call Center Simulation and CA$H are working and the ease of use.”
VP, Sr. Service Delivery Manager
Tampa, Florida

“We are pleased with the Teller Vision Simulation as a tool in helping us hire qualified candidates. We feel the simulation clearly and accurately assesses the candidates’ skills, and as a result, we are making better hiring decisions.”
VP of Human Resources
Woodbury, New Jersey

“Career Prescription has really simplified the coaching process. Now our team leaders have a clear plan to help their agents improve.”
HR Manager
Newport News, Virginia

“Everything is going really well with testing... we can already see a huge improvement in the quality of candidates that we select.”
Dublin, Ohio

“By pinpointing applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, Teller Vision enables us to easily make more accurate hiring decisions.”
Recruiting Specialist,
Monroe, Michigan

“We find that Call Center Simulation has helped us make hiring decisions that on the other hand might have been a difficult task.”
Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Anytime I have contacted Employment Technologies for technical support, the service has exceeded my expectations. It's as if your support personnel are standing behind me, instructing me, step by step.”
System Administrator
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“We continue to be very pleased with Teller Vision. It has exceeded our expectations and has exhibited multiple benefits for selection, training, and retention of employees.”
Senior VP, Human Resources Director
Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Thank you and your team for always being such a pleasure to work with. Your professionalism and expertise always shine through in every email and every conversation. Quite honestly, I wish more vendors had a team like ETC's team. I look forward to many more years of working together.”
Business Operations Assessment Professional
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Excellent Service!! I wish every vendor had this type of service. We see ETC as a business partner rather than simply a company from which we purchase testing materials.”
VP Director of Staffing Services
Birmingham, Alabama

“Most importantly, I would like to compliment your staff. Each of the people I have dealt with was extremely helpful, professional, and friendly.”
Gulfport, Mississippi

“Teller Vision is easy to use and prepares our new hires for training. Great product and wonderful staff.”
HR Assistant
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

“Your products and service are EXCELLENT. Keep up the good work.”
Manager, Customer Assistance Training
Spring Valley, New York

We value the privacy of our clients and therefore do not disclose personally identifiable information without prior consent.