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“We were looking for a better way to simply measure the applicants’ skills. Our new selection system is more than we thought we would find.”

Director of Human Resources
Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Credit Union improves teller screening process with EASy Simulation–Teller Vision and TFI


As one of the largest and most successful credit unions in the Inland Northwest, Spokane Teachers Credit Union took action when prospective tellers began failing training due to poor computer and cash handling skills. As CEO Steven Dahlstrom recalls, “As a company, we struggled to find and train good people, and it costs us when they wash out in training.” *


After an extensive search, the credit union selected two assessments to help screen out poorly qualified applicants. The credit union implemented:

  • EASy Simulation–Teller Vision
  • Teller Fit Index (TFI)

Spokane Teachers Credit Union experienced immediate results after implementing Teller Vision and TFI:

  • Higher completion rates in teller training
  • Stronger computer and system navigation skills
  • Greater transaction and cash handling accuracy
  • Overall improvement in performance and service

* The credit union’s success story: “Tell-Tale Tests for Tellers: Why 1 CU is Using Software to Weed Out Bad Candidates,” is featured in The Credit Union Journal, December 5, 2005.

Learn how EASy Simulation–Teller Vision and TFI can help you hire, develop, and retain the best tellers.
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