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“Choosing the right hiring and training practices enables call centers to prevent a torrent of turnover.”

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Joe Fleischer
Keeping Agents on Board

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Royal Caribbean Cruises

Call Center Simulation and CSFI help keep agents on board


Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., one of the world’s most popular vacation cruise lines, offers call center agents compelling reasons to stay with the company. Incentives include catered lunches, a fitness center, free cruises, and advancement opportunities. Despite these perks, agents were leaving at a rate of approximately 63% per year. Margo Watkins, Regional HR Consultant, attributes much of the turnover to the difficulty of evaluating applicants.


To accurately gather more information about each applicant’s skills and to identify the applicant’s fit for the job, Royal Caribbean implemented EASy Call Center Simulation and Customer Service Fit Index (CSFI).


Agent turnover dropped 57 percent in eight months after implementing the new hiring system. Agents also began handling more calls—averaging 80 to 90 calls a day during an eight-hour shift. In addition, the call center began receiving calls that previously had been directed to an outsourcer, representing an additional 1,100 calls per day or approximately 300,000 extra calls per year.

Discover how EASy Call Center Simulation and CSFI can help you hire, develop, and retain the best call center agents.
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