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"By pinpointing applicants' strengths and weaknesses, Teller Vision enables us to easily make more accurate hiring decisions."

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Chris Knapp
Recruiting Specialist

Monroe Bank and Trust

Monroe Bank & Trust saves $430,000 with EASy™ Hiring Solution


Monroe Bank and Trust, one of the largest community banks in southeast Michigan, knew it was time for a change when their teller turnover reached nearly 50 percent. The bank attributed much of the turnover to two key factors: job dissatisfaction due to unrealistic expectations about the work and performance issues including cash handling errors and failure to follow bank procedures.


To reduce turnover and improve performance, Monroe Bank and Trust turned to Employment Technologies’ EASy Hiring Solution. This fully integrated system includes:

  • EASy Simulation–Teller Vision
  • EASy–Structured Employment Interview for Tellers
  • Teller Fit Index

  • 33% reduction in training time (from 3 weeks to 2 weeks)
  • 43% drop in turnover among new tellers
  • 38% drop in overall teller turnover
  • Increased sales and referrals
  • Fewer and less costly cash handling and procedural errors
  • Clearer job expectations and improved performance
  • $430,000 direct cost savings in one year

Learn how the EASy Hiring Solution can help you hire, develop, and retain the best tellers.
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