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"The caliber of tellers we hire today has increased tremendously. Now we're hiring the right tellers with the right skills."

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Linda Mandella
Human Resource Assistant

IC Federal Credit Union

IC Federal Credit Union boosts service and sales with EASy Simulation–Teller Vision


As one of the largest credit unions in Massachusetts, IC Federal Credit Union understands the importance of providing quality service. When their existing hiring process failed to identify skilled tellers, the result was high turnover, poor performance, and ultimately poor service to their members.


The credit union researched various testing options and selected Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulation–Teller Vision. “I was excited about Teller Vision Simulation for several reasons,” says HR Assistant, Linda Mandella, “how it is administered to the applicant, how quickly we would be able to obtain the results, the types of skills that are measured, the reports, and the ability for applicants to test drive and experience the teller job before accepting employment.”


Since implementing Teller Vision, the credit union has seen a significant improvement in the overall quality of their teller staff, specifically:

  • Teller turnover dropped 18 percentage points
  • Customer services ratings jumped by 10%
  • Fewer disciplinary and performance issues
  • Increased sales and referrals
  • Lower hiring and training costs
  • Clearer job expectations among new tellers

Discover how EASy Simulation–Teller Vision can help you hire, develop, and retain the best tellers.
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