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Global Financial Institution

One of the world’s largest financial institutions improves agent performance and reduces turnover by 44%


Serving clients in 175 countries, this financial institution has built a reputation of providing world-class service to its customers. To ensure that all their call center associates exhibit superior customer service skills, the organization was seeking an assessment tool for identifying high-potential candidates during the selection process.


To achieve their goals, the financial institution added Call Center Simulation to their customer service associate selection process. In partnership with Employment Technologies, the organization also conducted an internal validation study to measure the effectiveness of Call Center Simulation in predicting job performance. More than 1,400 customer service associates participated in the study.


Results of the study clearly demonstrated that Call Center Simulation assessment scores were directly correlated with measures of job success. Participants that achieved higher Call Center Simulation scores had:

  • significantly higher call quality monitoring scores,
  • handled more calls per month, and
  • had lower average call handling times.

Since implementing Call Center Simulation, the financial institution also experienced a 44% decrease in 90-day turnover. This led to significant savings based on the high cost of employee turnover.

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