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“When you consider the cost of hiring the wrong person, the cost of hiring the right person is absolutely minimal.”

Nancy West
VP of Customer Service

Leader of Decorative Fabrics & Home Furnishings

The nation’s leading marketer of decorative fabrics and home furnishings increases occupancy rate, improves productivity, and boosts sales


When Nancy West, VP of Customer Service, joined the renowned fine fabrics and furnishings company, the organization’s two call centers were ready for a change. At any given time, only half their agents were on calls or completing after call work, and many lacked the sales and service skills to support the company’s knowledgeable client base of designers and interior decorators.


With 30 years experience in some of the most competitive call centers in the industry, Nancy West turned to long-time partner Employment Technologies for a proven solution that would deliver results. The solution included: EASy Call Center Simulation, EASy Structured Employment Interview, and the Customer Service Fit Index.


Soon after implementing Employment Technologies’ EASy Hiring Solution, the company saw an immediate improvement in the quality of their new agents—an improvement that had a direct impact on their bottom-line:

  • 70% increase in occupancy rate
  • 68% reduction in time needed for agent to reach productivity standards
  • 3 new business units were added as a direct result of improved productivity
  • 53% increase in sales in newly acquired sales division
  • Hiring the right agents cut training costs, improved service levels, expanded business opportunities, and increased revenue

Discover how the EASy Hiring Solution can help you hire, develop, and retain the best call center agents.
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